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You can run, barbecue, meditate or garden on the roof of your office

Article August 2, 2019  |  Text by Markéta Miková Text by Markéta Miková

The highest floor of modern office buildings is no longer just a place for air-conditioning because firms realize the value of their roofs and terraces and equip them for various relaxation activities, thus creating a diverse work environment and showing how important the balance between work and relaxation is for them.

A terrace for running and relaxation

Visionary, Prague 7

The Visionary Building was the first one in the Czech Republic with a running track on the roof. On the 8th floor just next to a typical terrace of a total area of 854 m², you can also find a long athletic oval running track. Employees of the firms in the building can run on the blue tartan, do yoga or just stretch their body after sitting for a long time in their office. 

The running track is also regularly used by people from the co-working center Business Link, for whom coached fitness training is organized twice a week. The oval has already witnessed a first Marathon that one of the employees completed after 323 laps.

Pilates – yoga – herbs

Churchill, Prague 2

This year, the consulting firm Deloitte moved to the Churchill Office Building. From its terraces, you can enjoy a unique view of the industrial Main Railway Station in Prague as well as magnificent sunsets with the Prague Castle skyline.

“We have several terraces. The largest ones are on the 7th and 6th above-ground floors and measure 259 m2 and 120 m2.  We also have a couple of small ones on lower floors. Our employees use them during the day to relax and to eat their lunch. We also have yoga and Pilates lessons and a gardening area where we grow herbs and tomatoes. The highest terrace is used in the evening for social events with our clients,” said Barbora Maštalířová, Head of Facility Management in Deloitte CEE.

And she adds that an important part of the largest terrace is a spacious adjacent “social area” with a large kitchen, which provides another space for sitting and for different events.

A wild garden and a street basket ground

New ČSOB Campus, Prague 5

All roofs of the new ČSOB Campus Building, which consists of seven pavilions, have roof gardens of a total area of 10,000 m².  One of the roof gardens is designed as an outdoor sports ground – a workout ground that also includes a 150-m-long running track and a streetball ground.

Other roof terraces have quiet “garden rooms” with tables and chairs for meetings and individual work. Of course, there are permanent parasols to protect people from direct sun.    

“Green roofs also create a refuge for insects and small birds.  All this and a slightly undulated terrain give an impression of a wild garden that you can start exploring from wooden terraces by the entrance from individual pavilions,” says ČSOB press secretary Monika Buřičová.

A green park under the sky

Philadelphia, Prague 4

Philadelphia, the highest building of the BB Center in Prague 4, boasts two terraces of a total area of 642 m2. They are 70 m high up and provide a wonderful panoramic view of Prague in all directions. The terraces are available to employees of the companies in the building on a daily basis. 

The terraces include relaxation areas where employees can sit and connect to wi-fi, full-grown shrubs and different types of landscaped greenery, which creates a pleasant environment for every season. Company events are held on the terraces throughout the year.  

A terrace with its own tap

Parkview, Prague 4

The Parkview Office Building that is being built in Pankrác, Prague 4, will also have a beautiful panoramic terrace. The roof terrace on the last floor of the building will have a wooden floor and a bar. Visitors will be able to enjoy its pleasant atmosphere as well as a view of the Czech metropolis.

The real estate developer Skanska is currently discussing the installation of a self-service beer tap on the roof terrace with the operator of The Pub that will be on the ground floor of the building.

Birthdays – barbecue – conferences

River Garden II/III, Prague 8

The technological company STRV can use a terrace in the River Garden Building. The terrace takes up the entire 7th floor of the building and provides a great view of the Moldau River and Holešovice.  

“One evening there is a birthday party, another day there is a barbecue organized by the development team. When the weather is good, our people work or just relax on the terrace. Of course, we also use it for official occasions, such as meetings with journalists, conferences, etc. What helps us is that people going to the terrace must go through our own bar. And so, we also have an indoor space to sit down when the weather becomes bad,” describes Lubo Smid, CEO and co-founder of STRV.

Originally the company also had a jacuzzi on the terrace but now there is just traditional furniture and equipment (sunbeds, tables, a long table and office chairs, a simple bar and pleasant lighting).The terrace is popular thanks to its location rather than its equipment – it is adjacent to a bar with the company’s fitness room, billiard and foosball table, so we definitely cannot complain about a lack of after-work activities,” adds Lubo Smid.