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What is 2021’s most anticipated office building?

Article February 26, 2021


Wooden buildings, projects that are flexibly responding to the pandemic, and others that are helping to revitalize their surroundings. Here are 9 projects you should take a look at this year.

We’ve approached several experts from a variety of areas, asking all of them the same survey question:

In your eyes, what’s the most highly office anticipated building of 2021? (Or what office building whose completion is planned for 2021 are you the most curious about?)

Ondřej Víša, Sustainability & Indoor Climate Consultant, CBRE ↴

I’m most strongly looking forward to PAE Living Building,an office building in Oregon.This project’s design is based on the Living Building Challenge methodology, which is pushing the boundaries of sustainable construction through its criteria. The building sports a wooden support structure capable of withstanding a high degree of seismic activity.

Its furnishings will include a rainwater capture and regulation system that will cover 100% of its consumption, as well as a system of vacuum-flush compostable toilets that will convert waste into manure. 100% of its energy will be provided via photovoltaic panels located directly on its roof along with panels on a nearby partnering residential project.

Compared to the massively globally widespread BREEAM and LEED certifications, Living Building Challenge is far more ambitious in many respects, and so I hope that buildings with this certification will only become more common including in our country.


Jana Prokopová, Leasing & Asset Manager, Skanska 

What immediately came to my mind is Generation Park Y in Warsaw. This 140-m high skyscraper is the tallest building Skanska has ever built in the CEE region. The property is aiming for two prestigious certifications – LEED Platinum and WELL Gold – and boasts 330 sqm of green wall in its lobby and a spacious two-floor area under its roof, with beautiful views of the Polish capital.


Tomáš Slonka, company founder LaundryBox.cz ↴

I mainly closely follow development in Prague – and there I’m most looking forward to the completion of the Bořislavka project. It’s a large and gorgeous office building with pretty vistas out on the whole city. Naturally I’m also following this project because we’re negotiating on the integration of our services here; I firmly believe they’ll become a part of Bořislavka.


Simona Kalvoda, executive director, Czech Council for Green Buildings  ↴

We at the Czech Green Building Council would consider the Mississippi House and Missouri Park projects to be our most anticipated office projects of the year; they’re being built by CA IMMO in Prague’s Karlín district. These buildings are aiming for the highest LEED certification level, LEED Platinum, which will be supplemented WELL certification for their internal environment. So they’ll be offering not only high sustainability, but also a healthy environment for their occupants.

These are buildings with strong energy efficiency and an intelligent dynamic lighting system that will manage their lighting temperature and intensity. Other noteworthy aspects are monitoring of CO2 concentrations, advanced waste recycling, rainwater collection, and the utilization of heat pumps.


Kamila Breen, Head of Market Research & Consultancy, BNP Paribas Real Estate ↴

Personally, I’m most strongly looking forward to the completion of the new Prague 12 city hall. As a long-time citizen of Prague 12, I’m looking forward to this city district finally having a dignified and prestigious city hall to house all of its administrations. These are currently scattered among seven buildings. The new city hall’s architecture is very interesting as well. The architects gave it a design shaped like three sugar cubes, symbolizing this city district’s history (a sugar factory began operations in Modřany in 1862, although it is no longer running today).


Jaroslav Hrábek, Business Development Manager, Atalian ↴

My most anticipated building is the Florenc Gate project, a part of which should be already be completed in 2021. Implementing this project, which is a mix of businesses, restaurants, and office spaces, will significantly help to revitalize the surroundings of Prague’s Florenc bus station and will elevate the entire area.


Bernard Storch, partner, PLP Architecture ↴

I'm excited seeing 22 Bishopsgate, the 62-storey tower in the City of London designed by PLP Architecture, opening in 2021. Conceived as a Vertical Village focused on well-being of its users, 22 Bishopsgate challenges the notion of a tower being just a series of isolated office floors. I like the way the tower is blurring the boundaries between the building and the public realm, between a workplace and community, with the base of the tower transformed into an inclusive multi-level entrance gallery with curated temporary art exhibits.

The building offers around 100,000 sqft of amenity spaces distributed vertically throughout the tower. The amenities are shared among tenants as well as the public, encouraging collaboration and encounters across floors, across departments, across companies. I believe that creating meaningful, life-centric spaces that provide a platform for the convergence of knowledge is paramount to innovation and success for businesses in the future.

►►► A Super modern Vertical Village with 62 Floors is Rising in London


Milan Začal, CEO in company Konsepti 

The Herzliya Campus project in Israel for Microsoft does not fit within this boundaries of “projects opening in 2021.” But due to the global pandemic and the closure of offices, the campus will only be seeing its first real occupants this year – in 2021.

This Microsoft campus is exceptional in several respects: In a way, its architects managed to predict the future, designing the kind of space that is able to flexibly react to the current situation, for example through its “flexible grid,” where the campus space can easily be modularly adjusted to meet users’ needs, and social distancing can be ensured. The sustainability and creative solutions imprinted into this building’s DNA simply underscore how exceptional it is.


Boris Vološin, Associate Architect, Jakub Cigler Architect ↴

What occurs to me – and I have to apologize here, it’s not for 2021 – is a project named Elbtower from David Chipperfield, it’s underway in Hamburg and will be the world’s tallest building, but its planned completion is not until 2025. It will be the finishing touch on Hamburg’s HafenCity, as the antipole to the philharmonic building, and it will also have an interesting facade with external shielding. Meanwhile, we are watching the development of wooden office buildings with great interest. At our studio we’re working on the Centrum Radlická project for Skanska, which is to be the first climate-neutral office building in the CEE region.